eBook:Moodle 2.0 with Microsoft Technologies

7 thoughts on “eBook:Moodle 2.0 with Microsoft Technologies”

  1. Most pleased to see this work available. I was going to purchase the PDF format but I ran into a small snag with my US-based PayPal account. (I have a personal PayPal account and also one I use for business. The two seem confused, so I don’t want to go further until I clear that up.)

    I am planning to move our very small Moodle instance to Windows soon, in an effort to ease the use of Active Directory and possibly single-sign-on with Kerberos.

  2. Great works as always, Alex! Surely of great help! But I see missing piece, SPS integration with Moodle. So any future plan to put it in?

    1. Thanks for the comments, I hpoe you enjoy read and find the ebook useful.

      BFC Networks will be announcing a new SharePoint/Moodle 2 integration tools in the next few weeks 🙂


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