Integrating SharePoint and Moodle: Storing Moodle Docs in SharePoint: Part 1

34 thoughts on “Integrating SharePoint and Moodle: Storing Moodle Docs in SharePoint: Part 1”

  1. Hi,

    The post is great. However, the Moodle site slows down after setting up the WebDAV shared drive for SharePoint.

  2. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the reply. I tried the tweaks. However, the administration screens are still slow. I have enabled all the settings on page, but the performance doesn’t improve. I would appreciate any help to improve performance

    1. Ruhal,
      Assuming you are using IP4 for your network, try turning IP6 off in all your network connections. I don’t know why but this does impact WebDav on x64 systems.

  3. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the reply. The server is 32 bit not a 64 bit machine. I have no idea about network connection. However, screens for admin components are also running slow. These screens are not related to file management . Can you suggest some workaround to identify the root cause of issue.

  4. Rahul,
    Sorry been caught up with a few things.

    Can you confirm that you have turned IP6 off? This is the biggest issue that I have had around it being slow.


  5. Hi Alex,

    Thanks a lot. However, this will not work for Windows 2003. The OS of Moodle server is Windows 2003.

  6. Hi Alex,

    Administration and course creation components read and write data to Moodle data directory, that would be a SharePoint library on another server. I think these operations would anyway be slow.

  7. Alex,
    I could improve the performance of Moodle site remarkably. I just disabled check the /lang directory in getstrings() method in moodlelib.php.

    This folder wasn’t there in the mapped folder of SharePoint. I changed the code of moodlelib.php. The performance has improved.

  8. Thanks! Anyway, just wanted to ask if I have not install any LMS program and I wanted to have a LMS program for my company. Which LMS would be recommended btw SharePoint LMS, Moodle and SharePoint Learning Kit..

  9. Sorry, just to add on I will be use SharePoint Foundation 2010. Yup, wanted to add a eLearning portal in SharePoint and access through there.. THanks!

    1. Hi, Thanks for leaving a comment. Its one of those never ending SharePoint questions – it depends! If you want to assign single items use SLK (its free too), where as you need something like course managed, Moodle or SharePoint LMS is what you need

  10. Thanks! True, kind of never ending question. Hmm, what do you by single items? Mine will be upload ppts,video, course document and create quizzes for the users.Sorry, quite noob on this.

  11. Just saw it! I have dl it.. but i created the database w/o checked the permission box!! How should I delete and re-create the database again?

  12. Hi Alex, just wanted to check with you the whitepaper for “Moodle-2 Window Server MSSQL IIS PHP.pdf” under the “Installing PHP and Configuration with IIS” to add extension to IIS. My pop-out prompt “Do you want to create a FastCGI application for this executable? Click “Yes” to add the entry……” Somehow its not said anything about ISAPI.. So is it normal?

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