Speaking at UK Community Day – 23rd March


I’m delighted to presenting at the next UK Community Day on the 23rd March.  Do you want to come and join us with a great set of speakers including Steve Smith, Neil Hodgkinson, Penny Coventry, Heath Groves and Brett Lonsdale?  If you do come and register now on the site and we hope to see you there as we take SharePoint to the Battle Royal – SharePoint vs SharePoint Online!

UK COmmunity Day

SharePoint Community Day


Come and join us at our SharePoint Community Day taking place on the 23rd March, where our range of speakers pitch SharePoint On-Premises against SharePoint Online and cover all the bits in between.


This exclusive day will de-mystify a lot of the mis-understanding between SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online and what options are available depending on what direction your business is heading.


The Community Days are delivered by speakers that are renowned industry experts and MVP’s.



When and Where?


UK Community Day ‘SharePoint On Prem Versus SharePoint Online

It’s a battle Royal’


23rd March 2017, Leicestershire


Free for you to attend!


Slide Deck – SUGUK B’ham 11/5/16


It was a great pleasure to present at the SharePoint User Group and pass on my findings regarding the #FutureOfSharePoint.  A few points that aren’t on the slide deck.

It was great to see Microsoft themselves supporting the community and we get a message from Jeff Teper wishing us all the best for the event.


It is always good to see people tweeting and on Facebook while you are speaking and thanks to those did.




Speaking at SUGUK Birmingham – 11th May


I enjoy travelling to different SharePoint User Groups in the UK and hope to one day to achieve the next thing and speak at a community event aboard but there is nothing like home!

Wednesday 11th May will see the SharePoint User Group UK host an event in Birmingham just a few miles away from where I live.

The evening session will see Penny Coventry speak about “What’s New for End Users in SharePoint 2016” but before that I will be talking about and getting your thoughts on what Microsoft unveil at their “The Future of SharePoint” event on the 4th May (May the 4th be with you).

The session will most likely not be demos but I’ll share what was talked about during the events presentations and I’ll give as much information as I can about it.  I also like to use my sessions to get your feedback so we’ll ask for your opinion during this and gage each other’s thoughts.

Get signed up and look forward to seeing you there


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#SUGUK //Build/ Special 30th March, Manchester


A few weeks ago I was catching up with the leader of the north west area of the SharePoint User Group Mark Stokes and we were chatting about the up coming /Build conference in San Francisco and how much we would love to go (we can still get flights if someone can get us a ticket and buy us some aeroplane seats). Instead we got chatting about if we could get a live stream going of the event at the next SharePoint User Group in Manchester.

Well we’ve made it happen and at an earlier time of 5.30pm (rather than the usual 6.30pm) we will be streaming the conference from the Outsourcery offices in Manchester. For those of you who know the conference and time zone difference between the UK and PST, we are starting the stream an hour late but you wont miss anything.

We’ll provide food during the keynote and at the end we’ll take 30 minutes to chat about some of the announcements made. Then of course we can continue the conversation at a SharePint.

Get registered here – SharePoint User Group UK


Slides from SharePoint Evolution Conference


I always enjoy presenting and having done three presentation at the recent SharePoint Evolution Conference, it has left be buzzing and look forward to speak to more people soon.


Managing Security and Permission in SharePoint: Level 100


Next Generation Portals in Office 365: Level 100


Office 365 Groups Deep Dive



BFC Networks to Sponsor EduGeek


BFC Networks are delighted to start working with EduGeek by sponsoring the newly created Windows 10 forum.

EduGeek is a growing community for Education Technology workers ranging from IT Coordinators, IT Managers and technical support staff in schools and colleges around the world. With BFC Networks increase the number of users across the country and world we feel it time to help support such a great community

When asking our Managing Director Alex Pearce he said

“Over the past 10 years of working in the education space both directly for Schools, BSF and now BFC Networks, EduGeek has always been a key community to me and have always tried to do my part in the for it’s members.  When an opportunity to sponsor EduGeek and the Windows 10 forum I wanted us to jump at this opportunity which we did hope this becomes a long term opportunity.  I hope this is a long term relationship with the leadership team and members so all get to benefit.  I’m a geek at heart and a EduGeek at that.”


I’m Speaking at SharePoint Evolution Roadshow & Education Discount


I’m always felt very proud to be part of Combined Knowledge’s Evolution Conference but this year is different with a 12 day/city tour across the UK and Ireland.  This year I’m speaking at 4 of the Cities which are

Birmingham 12th June
Nottingham 13th June
Manchester 16th June
Leeds 17th June

During the tour there 3 different sessions that I’ll be talking about including, Social features  in Office 365, Collaboration in Office 365 and also OneDrive in Office 365.

Education Discount

If you use the code evoinvite2014 this will give you a 20% discount on the price bring it down to £100.  A great price for a single days training on Office 365 and SharePoint.

Take a look at the site, agenda and speakers over on the SharePoint Evolution Conference website.


Why this SharePoint Conference is the best yet! #spc14


As the IT industry is changing and moving to cloud based services and Office 365, there is a new type of learning for IT Pro and developers around cloud services and the first place you will see this is at the SharePoint Conference 2014.

Over the last 20 years Microsoft have committed to releasing a new version of most of their products every 3 years, adding more features, service and something new to learn.  Supported by Microsoft Learning and training suppliers this has helped with publishing book, release of documentation and conferences where the new technology is introduced by a round of cheers and caps from the audience.  With the last 4 SharePoint Conferences being every 18 months apart we have seen them as a major conference (where we expect to see the new release) to a minor conference where we see more about how users are implementing the new version, best practise and speaking to customer who have already moved to the new platform.

I realised a few months ago attending a Microsoft conference that this SharePoint Conference isn’t what the trend says and isn’t a minor conference because you won’t see something new!

Office 365 brings the SharePoint Conference to a new level!  We know from the Office 365 blog that the cloud service is being updated every 90 days but we are seeing features added more frequently than that with updates to Exchange and SharePoint either side of Christmas.

So where is the best place to hear about these updates?  Well of course it is the SharePoint Conference, where else are you going to hear directly from Microsoft on their roadmap for all services in Office 365, what updates are and what their thinking is and roadmap moving forward for those features.

To me this makes me want the SharePoint Conference more often as these updates are happening every few months and adding value to the services we offer through Office 365.

If you aren’t attending #SPC14 this time round, hopefully this will help to encourage you to come all the SharePoint Conferences in the future and for those who are attending – look forward to seeing you there.

I'm Speaking at SharePoint Conference 2014 #spc14


I’m really pleased to have been accepted as a speaker at the upcoming Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas in March 2014.

Speaking with Alan Crawford from Shireland Collegiate Academy, we will be presenting on two main parts, the migration of their current 2007 portal to Office 365 and also how the school are using Office 365 Education in the classroom and across the establishment.

You can read the full extract of the session here

Shireland Collegiate Academy: moving from private cloud to Office 365 for Edu