Office 365 Education Starter Manual: 2013 Edition


A while back when Office 365 Education was released I wrote a starter manual for the manage of your tenancy, some tips and tricks and best practices for you to implement the product into your school, college or university.


As Microsoft have now released the new Office 365 with the Office 2013 stack I through it was only right to update the document, add and remove and bring it up to date for 2013.

You can either download it here (Office 365 Education Starter Manual) or view it at  (SlideShare: Office 365 Education Starter Manual).

Warwickshire County Council move their schools to the cloud with Office 365 and BFC Networks


Warwickshire County Council are moving their schools to the cloud with Office 365.

Who is it for?

The new WeLearn365 service for Warwickshire Schools has recently been launched, providing the county’s schools with a new Education service built on Office 365 Education.

Download the full case study from the Microsoft Case Study website.

UK Council Offers 185 Schools Cloud Environment for Just £1.50 Per Student

What is it?

WeLearn365 provides schools with Microsoft hosted Exchange email and a “thin layer” portal, designed and developed on SharePoint Online from Office365 by BFC Networks.

The portal gives schools “80% of the features of most VLEs, but delivers 80% of what schools actually need”.

The system provides 25GB inbox per teacher and integration of the new Office Web Apps. By making familiar Office applications available from any browser, WeLearn365 will make learning far more accessible from a range of different devices and for families who cannot afford to license a full copy of Office2010 in their homes.

How does it work?

Schools plug-in online content and apps from a variety of sources to be used by teachers and students, both in the classroom and at home. Warwickshire and BFC networks have also developed the system to integrate the schools MIS data from Capita SIMS, which is hosted on a Microsoft SQL server farm at the Warwickshire HQ. By mixing some key “in county” private-cloud services for student data, with best-of-breed Microsoft public-cloud services from Office365, they’ve been able to achieve a very compelling proposition at a significantly lower cost than most traditional VLEs or school portals.

The interface was built with templates in SharePoint Online, enabling schools to quickly customise and personalise their own site with their school colours and logo.

The Warwickshire team and Microsoft partner BFC Networks have turned the generic SharePoint service in Office365 into something friendly and usable for any school.


All teachers and students across Warwickshire will also have access to a top level WeLearn365 site, enabling collaboration and sharing of best practice across the county.

Recording: Using Office 365 for education


Last week it was great to be able to talk about a few of the Office 365 for education projects I am currently working on and sharing how the product is being used in 3 very different ways.

In the recording which you can watch at any time we talk about 3 different setups.

8.47 – A council/district wide implementation of Office 365

22.23 – A group of Academies are using Office 365 for education both as a VLE for their schools and as a central portal to communicate with all their schools

28.20 – How an Academy are migrating to Office 365 for education moving 1.2TB of data to the cloud.

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