Recording: Using Office 365 for education


Last week it was great to be able to talk about a few of the Office 365 for education projects I am currently working on and sharing how the product is being used in 3 very different ways.

In the recording which you can watch at any time we talk about 3 different setups.

8.47 – A council/district wide implementation of Office 365

22.23 – A group of Academies are using Office 365 for education both as a VLE for their schools and as a central portal to communicate with all their schools

28.20 – How an Academy are migrating to Office 365 for education moving 1.2TB of data to the cloud.

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2 thoughts on “Recording: Using Office 365 for education

  1. pmdc199

    Very helpful and interesting. Did not realise the new 365 preview was out for office 2013 web apps. Just signed up and have it. Much better now with sky drive.

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