Presentation: Why you still need Azure AD even if you are Google


It was a delight to be able to represent both BFC Networks and Pugh Computers at the recent Cynhadledd Technegol ColegauCymru Annual Technical Conference (Welsh Colleges Annual Technical Conference).

It is the only time during the year I get to speak solely to a college audience and with the conference in the valleys of Wales but it also gives me the opporunity to enjoy the drive through the beaultiful Welsh Valleys.

This year the theme was based on Security with GDPR being a hot topic so having given a few ideas of different sessions it was decided to talk more about the importance of Azure AD whether you are Office 365, Google or neither.  As other organisations move to the cloud, you need to be secure and know how your users are using your domain name to access content from other Office 365 enviornments

Ensure your Office 365 Data Moves to the UK


In recent years we have seen Microsoft announce data centres across the world and more importantly for my point of view a set of them in the UK.  Azure services can now be purchased to house your services in the UK with new Office 365 tenants being created in the these new data centres.

Did you know you have to opt in to get your current Office 365 tenants moved to the UK?  Did you know you have only until the 15 September 2017 to complete your request?

Well hopefully you do now.  If you navigate to the Admin Centre in Office 365, Settings and then Organisation you will see while navigate down the page it talks about where your data is located.  Below that is the notification around moving you data.

Ensure you understand what the move process is and how it effects your organisation and chat with Microsoft or visit the Trust centre if you have more questions.


Speaking at Microsoft Ignite


I’m delighted to be speaking at the 2016 Microsoft Ignite conference in late September.


Over the course of two sessions I’ll be focusing on how the education sector are using Office 365 in two different ways.

  • Be ready for how the millennial generation are using Office 365
  • Meetup: Education meetup for schools, colleges or those working in the sector

Tuesday Lunch time – 12:40pm – Expo Theater 2

In the community theatre I will be present and talking about Be ready for “How the millennial generation are using Office 365”.  Over the past few months I’ve been able to work with a few large companies in the UK and talk to them about how the millennial generation are using Office 365 and Microsoft technologies.  This allowing them to ensure they have an effective device strategy for new starters that support the technologies they have been using in the classroom and at home.  Is your business ready for a different type of worker that is always connected and communicating?


Wednesday Morning – 9:00am – B203

During this time we will be have an education meetup to talk about some of the technology and challenges we have in the education sector with Microsoft Technologies.  I’ve put some questions together that will get us talking in groups around some of technologies such as Microsoft Classroom, OneNote Class Notebook and Office Mix.  Come and listen, watch a demo and interactive and learn from each other on how these technologies are already being used with learners.

My Speaker from for more details of my sessions


Speaking at SUGUK Birmingham – 11th May


I enjoy travelling to different SharePoint User Groups in the UK and hope to one day to achieve the next thing and speak at a community event aboard but there is nothing like home!

Wednesday 11th May will see the SharePoint User Group UK host an event in Birmingham just a few miles away from where I live.

The evening session will see Penny Coventry speak about “What’s New for End Users in SharePoint 2016” but before that I will be talking about and getting your thoughts on what Microsoft unveil at their “The Future of SharePoint” event on the 4th May (May the 4th be with you).

The session will most likely not be demos but I’ll share what was talked about during the events presentations and I’ll give as much information as I can about it.  I also like to use my sessions to get your feedback so we’ll ask for your opinion during this and gage each other’s thoughts.

Get signed up and look forward to seeing you there

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Tribute to Dave Coleman


It was back in 2008 when I first met Dave Coleman along with Mike Herrity when they made a 3 hour drive from their school to visit mine in Birmingham.  It was a strange occasion where we learnt that our lives were crossed with each other in more ways than one even though we were only there to demonstrate what we had both done with our SharePoint environments.


During our chat at the school, it came to light that Twynham School where Dave was Network Manager was my Uncles previous schools where he was Head Teacher and back in the 1990s where my Uncle was on the interview panel to appoint Dave as Network Manager, a position he kept for over 15 years.  Dave told me plenty of stories about my Uncles time at the school which only few know about today.

Getting to know Dave over the years was always a laugh along with some other great friends at different Microsoft Education and Conferences we were both at.  Dave always had time for me and we laughed a lot.  During the 2009 SharePoint Conference we walked the Las Vegas strip coming up with different SharePoint alternatives after the launch of SharePint that year at the conference. The SharePoint Conference will never be the say again without our CherPoint photo in Caesars PalacePaliace, first taken in 2009 and then again in 2012.


In 2009 Dave learnt that he was the same age as my Dad and so he became my SharePoint Dad, a joke that will last forever.

Also in 2009 Dave spoke at the first Learning Gateway Conference at the Belfry in Birmingham, this is where I first started to see Dave heart for the community.  He loved sharing his knowledge of SharePoint and working to build a bigger profile for his blogging site SharePointEduTech.  His goal to give other people the opportunity to share their knowledge without having to have a cost of running a website.  Through the years as this grow, so did Dave’s passion for share setting up webinar and travelling internationally to speak but also to see the world with his wife Sue.  It was great to have them both attend our wedding in May 2011 and be part of our special day.

Dave and I had one more thing in common.  We both grew up in the Salvation Army church and when I first learnt this I was delight that during his childhood he got to know God.  We never went into our faith in great detail but I know I’ll be seeing him soon.

Thanks for being such a great friend Dave and I’ll see you soon.