Azure for Students


Microsoft Azure for Students is back! This is a great opportunity for students to be able to play with the cloud resources Microsoft offer and for them to build and host their ideas for free.  What I will say now, these do not require a credit card so it’s perfect for students to just play with Azure.  There are 2 main offerings:

First there is an offer for 13+ year olds called the Microsoft Azure for Students Starter which allow you to build and code against dozens of app services.

The second is just called Azure for Students which is aimed for the university aged students (18+) and will give you $100 of credit which can be used for coursework and personal projects.

Previously these have been capped at the number of students who could sign up and I don’t know if this is the same again but get your students signed up now and allow them to start expressing the developer side!

Host Moodle 2 in Windows Azure


Over the past few weeks Microsoft have released the code to implement Moodle and Moodle 2 on Windows Azure saving you the cost of hardware, redundancy and data protection.


Using Windows Azure to host the website and SQL Azure for the database you now have another reason to move to the cloud and keep saving on it.

You can download the instructions on how to do is from Codeplex.


Moodle 2:

Note: These are in beta and should be treat as beta.  Ensure you read all the documentation on how it works before making a decision on implementing it as a beta and production.