At BETT 2020


This year I’ll be at BETT 2020 both on the Microsoft stand and roaming the halls. On Wednesday I’ll be on the Microsoft stand from 11-4 helping to take any technical queries you may have and then around the halls on Thursday and Friday morning if anyone wants to catch up. Come say hi and more than happy to help where I can. Can’t find me? send me a tweet @alex_pearce

Attending BETT 2012


Over the past 4 years I have been very privileged to be able to attend the BETT Show at the Olympia in London.  Again this year I have been invited by the Microsoft team to join them on their stand to help talk about cloud technologies to schools and colleges who are looking for the latest technologies.

Not heard of BETT before?  Take a look at the website below.

‘Dedicated to showcasing the best in UK and international educational technology products, resources and best practice, BETT has enabled thousands of practitioners to enhance their knowledge of learning through technology.
Taking place each January at Olympia in London, BETT attracts more than 600 educational suppliers and around 30,000 visitors. It brings together the global teaching and learning community for four days of innovations and inspirations.
BETT is the world’s leading event for educational technology where education professionals can evaluate and purchase a comprehensive range of ICT products and services. From early years to universities, BETT is an indispensable part of the annual knowledge-gathering process, coming at a time when establishments are planning and budgeting for the new school year.’

Entry to BETT is free. Register here.

If you are interested in hearing what will be on the Microsoft stand, take a look at the UK Schools blog post on MSDEN which will give you just a little bit of some of the existing technologies that will be shown including Kinect for Education for the first time.


So what exactly are the Microsoft team showing off at BETT 2012?

SharePoint 2010 @ #BETT2010


13th January was the first day of BETT ( and I’m here this year presenting on the uses of SharePoint 2010.

You can come and listen to my demo of SharePoint 2010 at 11:05 and 14:45 each day.

Over the next few blog posts I thought I would go through what we have looked at in my presentation.  Look out for the series soon and I hope you enjoy it.

For the time being here are a few photo of the bright orange stand.  If you are a twitter user you can follow at the twits with the hastag of #bett2010


Here are the pods showing SharePoint 2010, Office 2010 and Windows 7 touch and the photo below is the presentation stand.


Speaking at #BETT on SharePoint 2010


In January I have the great pleasure of speaking on the Microsoft stand about SharePoint 2010 at BETT 2010, 13th – 16th January 2010.

 image image

Many of you have heard that Microsoft have released a public beta of SharePoint 2010 which you can download from here

During this 20 minute session you’ll be able to see the SharePoint 2010 story for education, looking at how it can be used by both teacher in the classroom and students at home.

I look forward to speak to so many of you there.

Im at BETT 2009: Jan 14 – 17


One of my many highlights of 2008 was to present on the Microsoft stand at BETT.  I enjoyed the 4 days their presenting 8 times in total and making a lot of friends at the same time.  It was a great way to start the year.

I’m hoping 2009 will be just as good as 2008 if not better and this year I am on Ask The Export also know as the Tech Desk on the Microsoft stand.  It will be great to meet up with Eileen Brown and her team at Microsoft on the desk.  I know we will have a good time.


So I hope your coming to the event.  If you not then you need to get yourself down to London, if only for a few hours it will be worth it.

Many companies are releasing products and I have had a few emails already regarding products for the Education SharePoint world.

This year during the week I hope to bring to you about the SharePoint releases and they do and how they can be used in your organisation.

Get in touch if you want to meet if not please come say hello on the Microsoft stand

Happy New Year and I hope 2009 bring you much joy and happiness

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BETT 2008: Closing Thoughts + SharePoint Video


Well BETT 2008 has closed.  Day 4 was very good but also very quiet.  We still filled the stand when we were presenting the Learning Gateway which I am very happy about.

This was my first experience working with Microsoft and I have to say I have had a great time.  The people with in the education team are just great and I also loved the tech guys on the tech desk.  I would like to take this oppertunity to thank Microsoft Education UK for inviting me down and hope to be involved again next year!

During my presentation entitled 'Connected Learning Gateway' we showed how my school has been using SharePoint to connect parents to data. It was shown on BBC TV on Wednesday and we also used it in our presentation.  Click Here to see the video/report in action.

I would like to mention a few names as thanks

Neil – Thanks for inviting me and supporting my school
Leighton – My fellow presenter – thank you so much
Gordon and Ray – Thanks – your great
Eileen – thanks for the presenting tips – Click Here to her blog <– must read
Viral – Legend – Click Here to see his blog <– must read
And the rest of you – Thank you so much for a great week.

A few photos

This is the presentation stand – every presentation had this amount of people – amazing to see.

The demo area

The tech desk!

I'll off to rest my feet – still hurt after 4 days of standing on the demo stand.

Updated 22nd January

BETT finished a few weeks ago now but Microsoft have just released all the presentation slides from the 4 days.

Do have a look and see what is going on in education.  Many of you have asked for copies of the presentation and you can find this under Connected Learning Gateway (includes SharePoint screen shots).

BETT 2008: Day 3


Well its coming to the end of day 3 of BETT and I've spent the whole day giving demonstrations not just on SharePoint but also the other elements of the Microsoft Learning Gateway.  There are some people who want to know how exchange and office communications server 2007 can be intregrated and delieved throught sharepoint.  Also got some questions on Unified Communications and how they can work within the school.  The main trick is to take the business process and look at the your school processes and how technology can be used to help.

Lots of questions on the price of SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) for a school.  Its simple – can you put a cost on how much sharepoint can help a pupil in their learning?  Is there a cost of a pupil education?  I talked about how if I go and turn a server off in my Microsoft Learning Gateway (the sharepoint server) my school would not be able to teach – is there a cost to that?

1 day left – hope to have a look around at some point – not had chance but have lots of contacts to help develop Sharepoint in Education and also talking to Samsung on some hardware developments.

Also got a lot of content to blog on and how silver could be used to site on top of a educational sharepoint site.

BETT 2008: Day 2


Today has been really busy and have spoken to lots of you who are using SharePoint in your school.  Its great to see what you are doing, how you are using the software and other the aspects of the Learning.

I've started talking to different leads about setting up a Microsoft Learning Gateway forum in the same way as the SharePoint User Groups.  The TechNet team here have agreed to help out in venues and marketing of events that we will hold.  If your interested in getting involved please do send me a private message.

When I get time I will publish some slides on the Microsoft Building Schools for the Future which is a great silverlight application.

Also met Sir Bob Geldoff today who owns shares in another company here.

There are more people expected tomorrow so maybe more celebs.

BETT 2008: Day 1


I’ve just finished my first presentation and it went well even though the mic died 3 times and the slide clicker didnt work.  But never mind. 

I’ve not had chance to look around yet but hope to over the next few days.  Had a few requests for demonstration on the Microsoft Learning Gateway.

There are some great Microsoft technical evangelist here so come ask them a questions if you have problems.

There are some great stands here and from where I’m sitting now I can see Channel 4, BBC, Apple and Serco.

Things to look out for if your coming.

Building School Future presentation on the Microsoft stand

Demonstrations by Hillcrest School, Kind Edmunds 7th School and Phillip Morant on the Microsoft Learning Gateway and Office System 2007.

Hope to see you.