Disable Yammer License in Office 365 Education


A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about changing licenses from the Office 365 Education license to the Office 365 Plus Education license.  This PowerShell script will help you to make these changes.

In the last week, further integration of Yammer and Office 365 has accord where we can now disable the Yammer license.

I’ve had many customers ask if there was a way we could just allow teachers and admin staff access to Yammer and we haven’t been able to do that until now.

Below are a set of script that will help you to either remove the Yammer license from all users (doesn’t matter what license they have been assigned), keep the current options they have enabled and then removes the yammer option.  The second script will just remove it from users who have a student license.

Remove Yammer license from all users


Remove Yammer from Student assigned accounts only


Adding Yammer to your Office 365 education tenancy


Since it was first announced that Yammer was being made available to Office 365 Education customer for no additional cost, I’ve seen a fair few people and individual waiting for it to be added so they can use the enterprise solution for collaboration for groups, classes and teaching and learning.

Well we’ve had to wait a little long that we had hoped but its now available for you to start using but you first have to provision your Yammer networks under you domain name.

To point out a few things first.

  • Yammer is not yet single sign on to Azure Active Directory so users will be asked to authenticate and they could have a different password between the 2 environments.
  • If you want single sign on to your Local Active Directory.  You can do this but it is a separate ADFS and DirSync install
  • Yammer licenses are added automatically to the user but you have to provision your tenancy first

To do the provisioning of your Yammer Network log into your Office 365 Education tenancy, from the dashboard look for included services


In this section you will see Active Yammer Enterprise.  Click Yes to start the provisioning wizard


Click Activate Yammer Enterprise and you’ll be advised that the process could take some time (1 to 30 minutes)


By default all Office 365 Global Administrators will be made administrators in your Yammer environment.


Each user now has to be signed up for Yammer.