Are Microsoft Building a Teams OS!?! (PWA + Microsoft = !?TeamsOS?!)

Over the past few months, I’ve started to notice a trend around Microsoft’s announcements and for me, they all lead to a single path.  From changes in the new Outlook for Windows, Planner and the new Microsoft Team client built in WebView2, they are all now Progressive Web Applications……but does this mean Microsoft are built … Continue reading Are Microsoft Building a Teams OS!?! (PWA + Microsoft = !?TeamsOS?!)

At BETT 2020

This year I’ll be at BETT 2020 both on the Microsoft stand and roaming the halls. On Wednesday I’ll be on the Microsoft stand from 11-4 helping to take any technical queries you may have and then around the halls on Thursday and Friday morning if anyone wants to catch up. Come say hi and … Continue reading At BETT 2020