Class Insights in Microsoft Teams coming January 2020


Not everyone gets access to the Admin Portal in Microsoft 365 as they are part of a managed service or not been given the elevanted rights to be able to view settings or access any data.

A new pop up has appeared in the Message Centre in EDU tenants around Class Insights for Microsoft Teams. I hope you find this valuable but it is a direct copy and paste of the message. It can also be seen in short in the roadmap here.

In July, we introduced Class Insights in Teams powered by Education Analytics for Office 365 for Education Tenants. We are pleased to announce that phase two will begin in January 2020.

  • Tenants who do not yet have this feature will be on-boarded in December 2019, as announced in MC186217.
  • The second phase of this project, which includes the educator facing experience, will begin rolling out in January 2020.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 58277.How does this affect me?

Class Insights, powered by Education Analytics, is an analytics experience for educators who are using Teams as a digital classroom experience.

In the first phase, we have begun collecting and processing data from Teams and the Assignment service.

The second phase, which includes the educator facing experience, will be available starting in January 2020. The experience will be delivered within a tab that will be available in all Class teams. The Insights tab presents educators with insights about assignments and conversations that occur within Class teams.

Teacher view of grades

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

You do not need to do anything to prepare for this change.

Education Analytics is on by default but you can opt-out at any time by turning off the Teacher Analytics toggle in the in the School Data Sync settings page. Please note that this feature does not have any dependencies on School Data Sync.

Education Analytics setting, On

Class Insights meets the privacy and security requirements set forth in the Online Service Terms.

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