Embed into SharePoint: Part 2: PlayStation Network


There are several games consoles out now that use some kind of social networking to share scores, points and collaborate with other games.  Personally I’m more of a XBOX kind of guy but I also have a PlayStation mainly because its a Blu-ray player as well as having BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4 on Demand so I have a PlayStation Network account. 



One of the services Sony offer is the ability to embed your Portable ID into anything you want


You will notice fro the screen shot that when you generate your Portable ID that you get an embed option and we can copy this into SharePoint.


So maybe your a blogging and host your blog on SharePoint 2010.  Now you can embed your PlayStation Network Portable ID in to SharePoint 2010

You can see how to do embed into SharePoint here.

Embed YouTube and other code into SharePoint 2010


SharePoint likes to keep code safe and when adding embedded code SharePoint takes a look and decides whether or not to it likes it.  And a good example of this is YouTube content.

SharePoint being safe

When we navigate to our SharePoint we select the Edit site button and then click on HTML and select Edit HTML Source.


I’ve selected a video from YouTube and have copied the embedded code.  I’m now going to paste this code into the window that opened up.


When we select OK to save this code and expect the YouTube video to load on our page we get this yellow warning message appear and then disappear very quickly and the YouTube video appears on our page.


When we click save to save the page the YouTube video disappears and when we go and check the HTML Source it is now completely empty.

Embedding code to SharePoint

There are many ways to resolve this issue and one of these includes stopping SharePoint from removing the embedded code but this isn’t realistic.

Instead we are going to save the content of the embedded code to a text file, upload it and then use a web part to pull this information viewing it as HTML and loading the content.

Open notepad and paste the embedded code into it.


Save the file and upload the file into SharePoint.  A good place would be the SiteAssets library.

Add a content editor web part to your page and edit the web part.


In the properties box down the right hand side you will see 3 dots, click on these to open up a new windows.


Paste the URL of the text file we uploaded and click OK


When you now save your SharePoint page you will always have your embedded code.


This doesn’t necessarily have to be a YouTube video.  It could be flash code, html code or any other embeddable code.