#Office365 Pro Plus: Click to Run vs Office on Demand


Did you know there were two ways of getting Office 365 Pro Plus when you get the license in Office 365.  With E3, A3 and the individual licenses you get the ability to use Office on your local desktop using a form of streaming and caching on your machine to so you can use Word, Excel, Outlook etc when you want with and without an internet connection.


What many people don’t realise is that there is also Office On Demand built into Office 365 which you are licensed for when you get hold of the Office 365 Pro Plus license.

Office On Demand

Located as a page in the SharePoint Online feature, users can stream Office to their computer.  The version is not installed (even though a file of less than 1MB is used to make it all happen) or cached and is a pure streaming version of office.

Unlike the full Office download, it requires your internet connection to always be up and connected for you to use it but does allow you to use the latest and greatest where ever you are without having to worry about large downloads.

To access Office on Demand you have to navigate to your Office 365 OneDrive for Business where it is then located down the left and side.


With Office On Demand, there are some application not available such as Outlook.  If you are on the move, Outlook Web Access should provide you with great functionality.

Application Full Download On Demand
Word Yes Yes
Excel Yes Yes
PowerPoint Yes Yes
Access Yes Yes
Publisher Yes Yes
InfoPath Yes No
Outlook Yes No
OneNote Yes No
Lync Pro Client Yes No
Visio No Yes (with correct license)
Project No Yes (with correct license)



Here are some other details and features

Feature Download On Demand
Initial Download required Yes Yes (but Microsoft quote no install is required)
Size of download 0.9MB 0.9MB
Additional Downloads Yes No
Offline Availability Yes No
Available from Office 365 Portal OneDrive for Business

What Else with Office on Demand

There are additional features with Office on Demand over Office 365 Pro Plus which includes Visio and Project.  These are also available if you have them licensed as part of your Office 365 subscription.

When to use Office on Demand

Using Office on Demand from your OneDrive Quick Launch is a great choice when you’re:

  • On a PC that you don’t use regularly (you don’t want to use up one of your 5 permissible subscription licenses, for example).
  • On a PC where you don’t have admin rights to perform an installation (you’re using a borrowed computer, for example).
  • On a PC at home if your IT administrator has disabled your ability to manage your installations (you’d like to install Office, but this option is not available).

quoted from office.microsoft.com

How to Implement Student Advantage in Office 365 Education


There are currently two ways of implementing Student Advantage licenses to your Office 365 Education tenancy.  Both of these are descripted below depend on the code you get from the Microsoft licensing site.

Implementation 1

Log into your Office 365 Education Tenancy



Select purchase services from the left navigation and navigate down until you see Office 365 Pro Plus for Students


Click add and add the same number of licenses you have from your EES provider and also in your Microsoft Licensing Portal


Then click on add to cart and Check Out.

On the “Review your order” page you will see Enter Promo Code.  Enter the code you have been given.



You can now complete the process without entering an card information and start assigning licenses to your students.

Depending on your code, the above process may fail so you need to add it in a different way.

Implementation 2

What is important here is that you are already logged into your Office 365 tenancy you want these added to or when asked to sign in, you log into the correct area.

Navigate to http://www.office.com/setup365


At this point you may be asked to log into the tenancy.  Remember to log into the correct one if you have any test environments.  You will now need to enter your 25 digit Product Key


You will be asked to confirm the number of licenses with a final redeem button.


When logging into your tenancy and selecting billing you will now see the licenses added.