Announcing the 'Learning Gateway User Group'


Over the past few months I’ve been working on building a new user group.


The Learning Gateway User Group is a new community site for education schools/organisations to blog about what they are doing, share their experiences in the class room and their technical knowledge with the Microsoft Learning Gateway.  Of course it’s not all Microsoft which is why its more known as the Learning Gateway as you can integrate a lot more than just Microsoft products like library systems and VLEs.

Take a visit to the site, register yourself as a user and get involved in the new community

If you are school, college, company or individual and wish to blog on this community site please let me know

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    I am responsible for developing our school VLE using sharepoint. At the moment my focus is to get the reporting data: the slg web part working. However I dont seem to be able to get these (timetable, attendance) web parts to show any information inside the tables. Where is the best place to go for help.

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