Microsoft Live Pivot in the browser


Microsoft have not just release Microsoft Live Pivot as a downloadable application but also the ability view the data in your web browser.

Using Microsoft Silverlight, Pivot will open the data stored in an XML format in your browser the same way it would load it in the full version.

Here are a few examples

RoomSeekers takes their current database of hotels, locations, ratings and other information to turn into a Pivot collection.

They actually have 7 collections of their hotels based on different areas of the country.  I’ve selected an area I know well (Midlands) so I can see if I recognised any hotels.


The collection starts off being in Counties and from the bar chart view you can see that West Midlands has the highest number of hotels.


When selecting the West Midlands County and sorting the bar chart by price I can see that 1 hotel is available between £175 and £200.

Well in this example I’m looking to spend £80 to £100 so I have moved the selection bar to between this price and I also want to have Wi-Fi access so select Wi-Fi Available from the Hotel Features

image  image

I’m also going to sort the chart by star rating


I’m now able to select the hotel I want from the list and zoom in to see more information on that hotel



Now I like TweetPivot as I compare the people I follow and the people that follow me based on their information on twitter.

Go to the site and put in your twitter username.  If you don’t have one feel free to user mine, alex_pearce other the Learning Gateway User Group account , learninggateway.  You could also do it from celebrities as well if you want.


Tweetpivot can provide you with two collections, one based on your followers (also known as friends) and also on the people who follow you.  This account only has a few friends I’m going to select followers


Here is my own pivot collection based on my followers


If you want to play with Microsoft Live Pivot more got to the website here

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