BFC Networks sponsor Birmingham Citadel FC


BFC Networks are very proud to announce that of the 2011/12 season that they sponsored Birmingham Citadel FC with an away kit for their use during their league games throughout the coming seasons.


About Birmingham Citadel FC

Birmingham Citadel FC was founded just before the millennium by members of the Birmingham Citadel Salvation Army church using the sport to share the gospel and have the team members connected with a church is one way or another.  When founded the team were placed in the 9th division of the Birmingham AFA and over the 13 years the team have had their ups and their down.

Now in division 6 the team are looking to improve on recent years and are seeking promotion into higher leagues.

BFC Networks Sponsor

BFC Networks have provided the team with a new away stripe which is used every other week depending on the away teams colours.  Birmingham Citadel are required to change their kit during home games instead of away games allowing the traveling team to use their regular kit.

DSC03112 DSC03113

The season so far

The football season started on the Saturday 3rd September with a home game winning 4-0, exactly the win the team required and wanted keeping a clean sheet.  However the 2nd game of the season away at Anchor Rovers the team lost 2-1.

BFC Networks wish the team all the best for the new season.

If you want to follow Birmingham Citadels progress you can like their Facebook page.


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