Cloud Classroom: Privacy


Cloud Classroom: Privacy

BFC Networks are committed to keeping your data and information secure both in apps and supporting resources.  This page will explain information we collect and how it is used to ensure your app experience is one that makes it an enjoyable and effect app in your establishment as well as secure.

What we collect from you

We collect 4 pieces of information which help us support and join the SharePoint and Windows app together.

  • Site Name
  • Site URL (Site Collection URL of the instance of Cloud Classroom)
  • Organisation Tenant Name
  • Date of installation

This information is used to allow the Windows 8 app to connect toyour instance of Cloud Classroom.  When opening the app, a query is made with your username to find your organisation and then return each of your instances of Cloud Classroom in your Office 365 tenant.  Each of these are used for the following.

Site Name: A friendly name to the user in Windows 8 to find their instance of Cloud Classroom.  We collect this from the Site Collection title.
Site URL: When Cloud Classroom is added, we also collect the URL to point the Windows 8 app to the right site collection.
Organisation Tenant name: This queries between the user who logs onto the Windows 8 app and your tenant to find all your instances of Cloud Classroom.
Date of installation: This is used to help understand when you used the app and we can support you from the date.

We do not collect any other information on you during the use of this app.

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