Microsoft Surface: In the UK at last


I was at the Microsoft Headquarters in the UK at the beginning of the month and they had just taken delivery of a demo Microsoft Surface.


Microsoft Surface is a new interactive screen that is the same height as a coffee table and allows the users to move objects around on the screen. You can also add objects to the screen and should it be programmed to it can recognise objects places on top like mobile phones, ID cards or casino chips.


I’ve heard that the first one in the UK is going to a school so very interested to see how it is used.

Here is a rubbish photo I took while I was there.  This example program is a pool of water and if you touch it slightly you get a little ripple of water.  Push your finger on it and you get a bigger ripple as the touch screen technology and detected the amount of pressure.  I did think at this time what would happen to the water if I punch the screen but I decided not to in case I hurt my hand.


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