But I’m a business why should I attend the Learning Gateway Conference?


The Learning Gateway Conference is focused mainly for education but there are at least 10 reasons why you, as IT Pro’s should attend which would benefit your environment.

  1. Simple really – find out about great innovative technologies being used in education
  2. Session 1 – Maintaining your SharePoint
    Steve Smith will talk about best practices for your SharePoint environments, SQL, patching etc.  These are the best practices for education, health and any small or medium sized SharePoint farms
  3. Session 2 – Unified Communications for the Learning Gateway
    Hear Nathan Winters talk about the Microsoft Unified Communications, Office Communications Server, Live Meeting, Group Chat and Exchange.  All these are used in small and medium sized businesses.  Again for any industry.
  4. Session 3 – Sites and Structure
    Andrew Woodward will talk about different site templates you can use and how to structure your site properly with content databases.
  5. Session 4 – Branding
    Whether you are a school or business you still need you site to be branded well.  Hear Penny talk about how to brand your site.
  6. Session 5 – What else can you do with the Learning Gateway
    A session that looks at what else can be done with SharePoint.  Can you benefit from some of these features in your business?  Do they give you ideas for your environment?
  7. Ask the exports!
  8. Hear a great keynote speakers – Steve Beswick, Microsoft's Director of Education
  9. Meeting with suppliers that work in both education and business
  10. COME TO SHAREPINT!!!!  We’ll meet in The Bell bar at the Belfry afterwards.

All that for £150 – not to be missed

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