What do we already know about Office 365 for Education?


We’ve had a quick look at the basic services of Office 365 for Education but what information do we already know about the services when it launches.



Mailboxes are increasing in size for their current size of 10GB in live@edu to 25GB with the send attachment now increased to 25MB per email.  You will still be able to connect your PC and Mac but also your Windows Phone 7, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry allowing you to access your mail 24/7 on the go.

You can also access your email on the go through your laptop.  Connect to the Outlook Web App from any browser or connect your Outlook client through Outlook Anywhere to download a cache of your emails to your laptop so you can create and read emails without having a network connection.

Office Web Applications

Teachers and Students will be able to read and quickly edit their documents online through a browser with Office Web Apps.  The Office Web Applications were released earlier this year and are available through Microsoft’s Live services but also as an extension to your SharePoint environment.

Team Sites

There isn’t too much information about Team Sites at the moment but we do know is that students will be able to share documents, task lists and create schedules.

Personal Storage

Microsoft already offers 25GB of space to staff and students and this doesn’t change.  Office 365 for Education still offers this storage through Windows Live SkyDrive.

SharePoint 2010 and Lync 2010

We don’t now what services are coming within these yet but both products offer so much.

SharePoint has the ability to share and collaborate and has team sites.  I wonder if the Team Sites mentioned earlier will be run in SharePoint 2010 or Windows Live Workspaces?

Lync 2010 replaces Office Communications Server 2007 R2 allowing users to interact via text through one to one or one to many.

As more information is released I’ll let you know.

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