Change All Faculty and Students to Office 365 Edu Plus Licenses

6 thoughts on “Change All Faculty and Students to Office 365 Edu Plus Licenses”

  1. Great little article – are Microsoft starting to give the Faculty and Students Office 365 Edu Plus Licenses free to schools. We have noticed one of our Office 365 School Tenancies has now got Office 365 Education Plus for students – previously schools have to purchase a volume License agreement.

    I can not find any other documents to say the license is now free to all Education accounts?

    1. Nic,
      Sorry for the late reply but the reason you are seeing the Office 365 Education Plus licenses is because a student or teacher has requested Office 365 Pro Plus through the friction free method. More details below or happy to chat on the phone if you would like.

  2. Hello Alex,
    Your blog is very helpful, thanks. I have a question, we had a subdomain ( which we were using for students for google apps. As you mentioned, someone requested Student Education plus using subdomain and a tenant was automatically created but it seems like now I am stuck with keeping up with two tenants? which we use for faculty and staff, and I tried adding subdomain to my but it threw an error.

    Do you have any suggestions as to how we can consolidate two tenants.

    1. You will need to remove the domain from the second domain and add it to the your central tenant. The only thing this will effect are users who are not created in your new tenant (maybe create all your student accounts in your other tenant and give them a pro plus license) meaning when you remove the domain, they have 30 days to re login into office. Doing it sooner rather than later will also help as you will have less users impacted.

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