Awarded Microsoft SharePoint MVP again


Its that time of year that I sit and wait to find out if I have been awarded for the last 12 months of activity in the SharePoint and education community. 

The time came and I was waiting for the email to come, and it didn’t, and it still didn’t arrive.  So I checked my junk mail and still nothing in there.

My fiancée and I went out to the cinema that evening and my phone went off 3 times, each of them emails but nothing to do with my MVP.  I checked junk mail again and then logged on to twitter to see that everyone else had heard.

I didn’t sleep well that night.  Where was my email, have I been awarded or not.

It was 29 hours after everyone else that I eventually got my email to say – congratulations you are SharePoint Server MVP for 2010.  Get in!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me in the last 12 months to get this award again.


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