10 things you should know about Office 365 before signing up

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  1. Thanks for sharing Alex, great points to highlight. No. 3 is a real bug-bear and I wish Microsoft would re-write the email. A small point about licensing. It’s always worth checking the likely timeline for a later upgrade because buying each licence commits it for the duration of the current 12-month renewal period. It’s a bit of a headache trying to upgrade them mid-term. If going Exchange-only first, the saving is probably worth tit. But if just going SharePoint Online first, the difference in subscription fee is small. I tend to recommend going with the Office 365 E1 plan rather than just SharePoint Online. Clients invariably want Office Web Apps and the two separate licences combined are more expensive than O365 E1.

  2. So many “gotchas” this time around. Thanks for sharing! This is like an essential article everyone should be reading. So I tweeted it out to my group. Thanks again!


  3. Point 7 is important, without a solid internet connection Office 365 is redundant. By the way this article would translate well as a 10 point infographic.

  4. Can I only choose SharePoint in a mixed environment for some users (and not pay the full cost)? I have an O365 Small Business plan, maxed at 25 users. I would like to add about 50 users that only need SharePoint access; not the full Office package. I know I can add users this way, but there’s no indication of the price difference. Plus, it’s not so simple to try because I have to change tiers to go beyond 25 users. I don’t want to pay an additional $75/mo just for one more user and realize I can’t breakdown the subscription fee that way.

  5. It seems that Microsoft has changed the product licensing configuration between last year and this year, so I’m not sure that O365 SB even exists any more? Now it seems they just have O365 Business, and no mention is made of number of users.

    Anyway I’m looking to move from our current Office 2003 box product installs to Office 365 multi user, but how many “packages” I need to buy is the question. If I have 20 users, and only 5 of them need the online tools and OneDrive, do I need to buy 20 licenses, or do I need only 4 (since each license allows me to install on up to 5 desktops, and only 1 in 5 needs to use online apps and OneDrive)? If not, I don’t get it. Who out there would have 5 computers, 5 tablets and 5 phones? So it seems like it’s geared for my previous assumption? Makes a big difference in price.

    Hope to get to the bottom of this! Thanks.

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