Frequently Asked Question for Office 365 for Education

4 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Question for Office 365 for Education”

  1. Will this offer (free Office 365) be available to schools in Canada? Does ‘schools’ mean K-12 or does it include post-secondary
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    B Liengme Microsoft Excel MVP

    1. I believe live@edu is free in Canada at the moment so this will continue with office 365 but I would advise you speak to the local office about coatings for other 365 offerings.


  2. Right now in live@edu, some basic office apps are available for free. Will those continue to be available for free or will all office functionality be removed (for faculty/staff) when we convert to Office 365. We have a Campus Agreement for Office so hopefully this will not end up mattering… MS would love to double charge us though, I’m sure.

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