SharePoint Design when consider BYOD – QR Code


One of the hot topics in the IT industry for 2012 was the subject of Bring Your Own Device and how these can be managed on a secure network, data leakage and the general day to day operation when user can do what ever they want with their admin permissions.

When considering one of our new design for education and SharePoint we wanted to make it easier for learner to get from the device they have in their hand to the information that was being projected on the screen or on another monitor.  Even though there is the whole subject of how you manage phones and tablets that pupils have at home we want to ensure that if they bring them into the classroom they are using them effectively for learning.

In our latest design we have added the ability for the school to have their own QR code in the top right of the environment allowing pupils to pull out their devices, scan the code and then access the information in lessons and access it on their device when they want it.

Click the image to see it larger

What do you think of this using QR codes this way?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

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