Upgrading your Office 365 tenancy to Wave 15: Part 1


It is now getting to the point where Microsoft are upgrading current Office 365 tenancies from the 2010 wave of technologies to 2013 giving you the new and best experience of the Office products.

But what do those emails looks like, so you know what to look out for in your inbox.

Marketing Email

The first email that comes is more of a marketing email to let you know that you are getting upgraded.  The important links in this email is the link to the service upgrade centre.  There you will be able to watch a video on what to new experience will look like, how the upgrade will work, how to postpone the upgrade and select some test users to test with early upgrade.  Please do watch the email


4 Weeks Notice

The second email to look out for is entitled: Service Alert: New features are coming to your Office 365 service soon  which will arrive about 4 weeks before your upgrade.

During the next 3 weeks you will be able to postpone your upgrade and you need to look out for the PS at the bottom of this email for this information.  It will state a date which is your last chance to postpone it by.


The Learn More link goes to the same link as the Marketing email.

1 Week Notice

The next email and last for this blog post (Titled: Service Alert: Your Office 365 service upgrade is scheduled for your date)arrives around 1 week before the upgrade.  When you receive this it will be too late to postpone your upgrade as Microsoft would have scheduled you in for the next 7 days.


The Tell Your Users link goes to a webpage which gives you an example email template to send to your users about the upgrade


A big thanks to Mark Stokes for some of the content of this post

This article is part of a series of articles on the upgrade process for Office 365 to wave 15

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