Create SharePoint Site using Powershell


You should becoming increasingly familiar with PowerShell and SharePoint 2010 now and you are building so great scripts to help manage your environment.

A few weeks ago I had the requirement to create over 3000 sites with the site names stored in a Excel spreadsheet.


But first we need to understand how to create a site using Powershell.  The special command is new-spweb which only has 1 requirement and that is the URL of the site but there are several other parameters that you should use when creating a site with Powershell.

Parameter Information
-url Where do you want to create the new site which includes the URL of the new site
-template Add the template number to use the Basic Site or Publishing Site.  A full list here
SharePoint 2010 Site Templates
-name Display name of the site
-AddToTopNav Do you want the site to display in the top navigation bar?
-UseParentTopNav Do you want the site to display in the parent navigation?

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