Group Calendars in SharePoint 2010: Part 1


One of the many requests I had in SharePoint 2007 was the ability to place SharePoint Calendars on top of each other like you can in Outlook 2007 saving you having to look at each and work out when the best time is for a meeting.

SharePoint 2010 introduces the Group Calendars allowing you to put several calendars in your SharePoint Site on top of each other.

Here is a SharePoint Calendar in 2010 and you will notice down the left hand side you have Calendars in View.


I have my default calendar as above which came with my Team Site and I have added a calendar event for Tuesday which is in green.

I’m going to create a new calendar called Events and under the More Options you have the option of ‘Group Calendar Options’.  Click Yes and Create


Down the left hand side, click on Calendars in View.


Here you will see additional calendars that have already been put in your list that you can select as visible or not.  Click on New Calendar at the top


Give it a name and click on SharePoint type of Calendar.  In part 2 we will look at how to connect an Exchange 2010 Calendar.  Type in the URL of the of the site your calendar is in and click resolve.


Select the calendar you want from the list and click on OK.

You will now see your too calendars on top of each other with a different colour showing the different events from the different calendars.  You can have up to 10 in total.


8 thoughts on “Group Calendars in SharePoint 2010: Part 1

  1. Mark

    When I try to add a new calendar to a group calendar, it doesn’t show events I create.
    It does work with a normal calendar.

    I’m able to create events in the group calendar, but they don’t show up. Only under the All Events view.

    Any ideas on how to get events to show in the group calendar?

    Thank you.

  2. Shirley Burt

    Is it possible to create a second calendar on SharePOint 2010 that is only visible to certain users and not be displayed publicly?

    Shirley Burt

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