SharePoint 2010 Case Study: City of London School for Girls (cScape)


Microsoft and cScape have released a case study on the implementation of SharePoint 2010 at the City of London School for Girls.

Photograph of the school campus

In a joint partnership between the school and cScape a strategic plan was put together to implement integration between the schools MIS (management information system) and SharePoint 2010 so information about pupils could be presented to teachers, parents and pupils.

From the strategic plan the school recognised they also wanted to present the follow:

  • timetable management for classes, students and rooms,
  • curriculum reports
  • student interaction so they can discuss class material
  • news section to different areas of the school and stake holders of the school
  • increase parental engagement


Example screen shot from the school's portal site

If you want to read the whole article you can read it on TechNet on the link below


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