SharePoint 2010 Document Library Views and Styles

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  1. The newsletter style can do some fancy things not displayed above. For example, my documents library has about 15 columns in it. One of those columns, toward near right end of the grid, is a Comments column. Let’s say it is col #11

    In the “Newsletter Style”, my comments column is not crammed into the cramped confines of a single grid cell, but is rather “hard-returned” down below to it’s own dedicated sub-row, spanning the breadth of the first 10 columns. The remaining columns 12, 13, 14, 15 are also hard-returned as sub-rows that span the width of the entire grid.

    Then, there is a hard grid line separator before the next record begins.

  2. Good article just what i was after, saves a lot of clicking round for testing.
    bkwdesign is right, quite a useful feature, it seems that after the first multi-line column is added then fields then go down not across.

  3. I have created a view of page library which has two rows- name(linked to the document)and description(custom site column)and given style-“newsletter, no lines”. Result was-“name” and just below it “description”.This was working fine in a site on sharepoint 2010 enterprise server. But when i tried to create same thing in a site on sharepoint 2010 standard server the result was- “name” and “description” beside it instead of below it. what am i missing? i want “description” to appear below “name”. Please help.

    1. Ritesh – I’ll have to fire up a few VMs for this and have a look but don’t have a enterprise license install at the moment – I’ll let you now how I get on when I’m got it up and running.

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