SharePoint 2010 for Education: Part 1


Here is a first post of a set to talk about a few of the benefits of SharePoint 2010 for the education market. 

Last week I had the great opportunity to present on SharePoint 2010 at BETT 2010 which is the worlds largest education technology show in the world with over 24,000 people attending.  Microsoft get around 95% of attendees on the stand so its a great opportunity to talk spread the word of the latest technologies.  This year, SharePoint 2010 had 2 demo pods and what schools loved the most was the easy ability to change text and pictures.

You now have in page editing, no refreshes, all you have to do is click edit and change the text on the page.

As you may have noticed in the below videos we have the Office ribbon that is now in all Office 2010 applications including Publisher, OneNote and Outlook.

The second video here shows how easy it is to add an image to the page.  You simple click import, select the image you want from the desktop computer and upload it.  We can also change the size of the image on the page by simply selecting the corner and making it either summer or larger.

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