Walk Through: Install SLK 1.5 on SharePoint 2010


Install SharePoint Learning Kit to the Farm

Download SharePoint Learning Kit from the codeplex website hosted here http://slk.codeplex.com.  The current version for this blog post is SLK-SP2010-Beta2.zip.


Extract all the files located in the downloaded zip to c:SLK.


Open the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell


In a later stage we will be running a pre-written PowerShell command script that is stored in the install files.  We have to enable scripts to be run.  Run the following command.

   1: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

It will then ask you if you are sure.  Type ‘Y’ and press enter.


Set the location of the folder we extracted earlier.

   1: set-location c:slk


This now allows us to run a pre-written PowerShell command that has been written to install the SLK feature into the SharePoint 2010 farm.

The script only has 2 lines of code but to run this command type the following into the same cmdlet.

   1: .addsolution.ps1

When this script has been run you will be give a table view of the solution installed.  It will state that the deployment is not ‘Deployed’.  This is fine as we will deploy it in the next few steps.


Now open the SharePoint Central Administration website and from the list down the left hand side select System Settings.


Under Farm Management you will see Manage farm solutions – select this link.


You will now see a list of all the solutions you have deployed in this farm.  In the list you will see sharepointlearningkit.wsp and that the status is ‘Not Deployed’.

Click ‘sharepointlearningkit.wsp’ which will take us to the deployment page.

This page gives us some information about the solutions we are deploying.  Click on ‘Deploy Solution’.


It will now ask where you want to deploy the solution.  Click OK to deploy.


SharePoint Learning Kit is now deployed to your farm.

Create the SLK Database

SLK will use its own database to store information such as grades.  It won’t be a large database but it still has to be created.

In Central Admin click on Application Management and at the bottom you will SharePoint Learning Kit Configuration.  Click on Configure SharePoint Learning Kit.


On the configuration page you will be able to add the database server and a new database.  At the bottom click OK.


If you are using SQL Server Express edition you will need to put in the SQL instance name a well.  Refer to this post if you are using this database.  http://www.bfcnetworks.com/sharepoint-learning-kit-installing-on-single-server-farm/

There are 2 steps left,  one is to add the web part and the other is to enable the site for SharePoint Learning Kit.

Deploy the SLK Assignment Web Part

Navigate in your browse to your SharePoint Site. 

Click on Site Actions and then Site Settings at the top


Under Site Collection Administration you will see Site collection features.  Click this link.


You are now given a list of all the features you can enable in your site collection.  In the list you will see ‘SharePoint Learning Kit – Assignment List Web Part’.  Click Activate to install the web part.


The web part is now enabled on your site.

Enable a site for SLK

Navigate in your browse to the SharePoint site you want to enable for SLK. 

Click on Site Actions and then Site Settings at the top


Under Site Action you will see Manage site features.  Click this link.


In the list you will notice there are 3 features that a site can be Activated.

  • SharePoint Learning Kit
  • SharePoint Learning Kit – Assign Self
  • SharePoint Learning Kit – Assign to Site


Active these are you will be able to use SLK in your site.

15 thoughts on “Walk Through: Install SLK 1.5 on SharePoint 2010

  1. Hey Alex,
    I managed to install the new version on SP2010 and everything was ok. However, when I try to assign any file to toher people but me, theres an error.
    Any hints?

  2. JK

    After instaliing in 2010, when i click on the “E Learning Actions” am getting below error

    This site is not configured to use SharePoint Learning Kit. Administrators can use SharePoint Central Administration to configure SharePoint Learning Kit.

    Please advise,

  3. amanzoor

    Hi Alex, Thanks for the helpful posts. I have just started to play with the SLK on sharepoint 2010. Installed and everything is working great. How can I make these custom (.zip)files with my own questions to ask students? apparently SLK only works with .zip files?

  4. Necroft

    Hi, i just trying the 1.5.2 version of the SLK (i was using the 1.4 for MOSS2007) know i want to know if i could migrate my application from MOSS2007 to 2010, so y started to try the 1.5.2 version of the SLK i deploy and config just like show in this blog and i found something strange, i just install one web part! so my question is where are the another webparts that are in the 1.4 version? (myu planner, my classes …)
    Also any idea of what kind of authentication used the 1.5.2 version? (cause i also using the RDS for some applications in the client (word, paint, calculator…).

  5. Santiago

    Hi Alex, Can I install a Spanish language pack for SLK?, Is it a solution that I have to add and deploy?, is it a XML file?

    Thanks in Advance

  6. Santiago

    I downloaded a SLK-Language pack from this page : http://slk.codeplex.com/releases/view/9206, I found the XML for Spanish and then in SharePoint Learning Kit Configuration(Central Admin) browsed for my XML file(I indicate the WebApplication that I wanted) but nothing happens, is this the way to do it?,if not How can I do this?

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