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I’ve never really liked the image web part that came out of the box with SharePoint!  Looking at it from a users point of view it was too many tasks to upload a single image.

  1. Add a picture library to your site
  2. Upload your image to the image library via Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  3. Find the URL of the image
  4. Add the image web part to your site
  5. add the URL of the image to your web part

This new image web part does all this for you.

  1. Add the image web part to you site
  2. Use browse to add the images
  3. Click save


So much more user friendly.

It adds the URL of the image for you, saving the user having to find, copy and add this information.

You can download this web part from codeplex

A document file is attached to the download – I didn’t user it – so here is how to install it

Install the WSP file and add the solution to your site.

When you add the web part to your site it tells you that you need to set the default location to upload images.

Create a image library at the top of you site.  All users who need to be able to add images to anywhere on your site application need to have write permission to this library.  You can hide the library where ever you want – even in another web application.

the script for this is

C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12BIN>STSADM -o SetImageUploadLocation -webapp -library

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