SharePoint 2010 for Education: Part 3, Wiki’s


We are still looking at some of the great feature in SharePoint 2010 that will enhance the education sector.

Everywhere we go now in SharePoint 2010 we see wiki pages.  If you create a new Team Site from the default site template list you will find the home page (home.aspx) is a wiki page and we can edit the page like we did in Part 1.


What if we want to create a new wiki page.  You could go to Site Actions and click New Page.  Yes you could do this in SharePoint 2007 but you couldn’t like them very well to each other.

Click on the edit button at the top of the Ribbon (marked in yellow)


And add some text to your page.  To create a new wiki page as we are type that will link to the new page type [[ (double square brackets) and type the name of your new page.  Then close the square brackets to ]]


Save your page by clicking on the Save button on the Ribbon at the top.

You will now see that the text within the square brackets is underlined with gaps.  The gaps mean the new wiki page hasn’t been create yet.


When you click on the hyperlink it will ask you if you want to create this page.


You will now see a new page that you can use to add more text and images.

We can also link to existing wiki pages by adding the [[ and waiting a moment while it collects all the current wiki pages available.  Select the one you want and it will link to that page.


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