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For christmas I got a brand new IPod – something I wanted as I had filled my old 4GB one.  I got the new IPod Touch with a capacity of 16GB.  I can now fit all my podcasts on there and listen to the music I want instead of having to select before going out.

For those of you who dont know the IPod Touch looks the same as an IPhone but without the phone features.  It does come with a wifi connection which I connected fine to my home network with WEP encryption.  You can then connect to youtube and watch videos that are streamed to your ipod.

IPod Touch and the IPhone both come with Safari as their web browser.  I put in my MOSS address – got the log on screen which is form based from ISA 2006 and it took me to my home page for MOSS.  The layout was the same – no slowness to load the page.  If you turn your IPod from vertical to horizontal it also changes the screen that way as well.

VerticalMOSS  on IPodTouchHoriMOSS on IPodTouch

One of the features with the safari web browsing is the you can double tap on the screen and it will zoom into that part of the screen.  You also get a full standard onscreen keyboard and if you are typing away the screen will move to where you are typing in.

 ISA-FBA on IPodTouch

ISAZoom in  on IPodTouch

Zoom in on MOSS on IPodTouch

I could add annoucements, view the calendar and update my internal blog.  I also got onto my mysite but encounted my first problem.  I have a inbox, calendar and contact (Exchange/OWA 2007) web part within my first page and these didn’t load – got the error message – "Access to Calendar folder from Outlook Web Access Web Part is supported only for Internet Explorer 6 and later".  Within one of my SharePoint Site I have a page viewer web part which loads OWA with in it.  This loaded fine as the light version and if I go straight to OWA it works as well.

OWA in Sharepoint on IPodTouch

SharePoint Learning Kit didnt work – I first tried to assign a SCORM learning resource to myself but when I did elearning access it errored.  The webpart loaded fine – no issue with that.  I saw a learning resource was assigned to me and it tried to open the IMS file but then sat at Please Wait.  Nothing happened.  It now on my wish list to get sorted – the IPod Touch and IPhone could be a really asset to education.

A list of things that did work

  • Search
  • All default master pages
  • Adding Annoucements
  • Adding calendar event – but you have to type any dates in manually – eg 07/04/2008
  • load images an image in document library
  • load txt file
  • Update blog
  • add links.

Things that didnt work

  • OWA web parts
  • SharePoint Learning Kit
  • View word, powerpoint documents – error message says – safari could not download this file

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