SharePoint Learning Kit: Part 3 – rewriten and shorter.


I have decided to rewrite my last post – not happy with it  going to shorten it.

I thought for part 3 I would give a bit of a work through of SLK and assigning a document to a pupil.

  1. Install SLK
  2. Create a new Team Site
  3. Give your learners view access to your site
  4. Give your instructor for that class members access
  5. Enable SharePoint Learning Kit for that site
    • Go to Site Actions
    • Go to Site Settings
    • Under Site Administration go to Site Features
    • Make sure SharePoint Learning Kit is Activated
  6. You now need to tell SLK which users are learners and instructors.
    • Go to Site Actions
    • Go to Site Settings
    •  Under Users and Permissions go to Advanced Permissions
    • Click on Visitors and check SLK Learners
    • Click on Members and check SLK Instructors
  7. As part of the download of SLK, Microsoft has provided a SCORM learning resource called  Upload this to your documents library within this site.
  8. When the documents has uploaded click on the downwards arrow next to the document name and click on E-Learning Actions.
  9. You will now see your site name in the middle of the screen.  Click on your site name.
  10. You can now give a date and time for the assign to go to learners.  A due date, if you want students to see the answers after you have returned it to them.   You can also select which learners to assign it to.

I’ve added screen shots to my photo album of this.  Have a look.

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