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Sharepoint Learning Kit is available from

SLK is used to assign individuals documents that they have to review, download and edit, answer the questions etc…

SLK is SCORM compliant which enable schools to create learning content from such programs as MS Class Server Teacher and assign it pupils where they have to then answer the questions within the document.  When the pupil has completed the assignment the server automatically marks the answers and lets the teacher know the marks they got.  The teacher can see the answer they got, leave a comment for the pupil and also let the pupil know which answer they got wrong.  The server can do it all if you set it up to.  All you have to do is assign it to the individual.

If you install SLK to your site you will see in the zip file you downloaded a SCORM 1.4 file (  Upload it to a documents area and click on the drop down menu of the file. Click on E-Learning Actions and view the resource yourself.

Of course SLK could be used for internal training – its not just a school product.

 I’ll post a lot more of SLK in the future.  There are a lot of uses.

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