Upload PowerPoint slides into SharePoint 2010 Slide Library

6 thoughts on “Upload PowerPoint slides into SharePoint 2010 Slide Library”

  1. Alex, thank you for the information. It was looking like the solution for me until I tried to upload the slides and the system prompted me that to perform this function “PowerPoint Professional is Required”. I have Office 2007, but not the professional edition.

  2. Hi,

    I have one query,If we upload any slide to library a unique guid for all slides i.e 001 is appednded it should be in sequence such as 002,003

  3. Hi Alex,

    Is there any smart way to present those slides to users? I have tried something different (saving ppt as web page and showing it with page viewer web part), and it looks fine in Internet Explorer, but in Safari it looks completely different. Is there a way to present the slides that are published in a way you describe?



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