BFC Networks believe that Office 365 technologies can be used for any part of a schools requirement, whether its school management, monitoring or teaching and learning, this flexible product can be customised to your need.

BFC believe offering 80% of a regular Learning Platform  can drive early adoption allowing you to add further services from our partners including MIS integration while saving money on the other 20%. Office 365 Education has opened up a new door for BFC Networks allowing them to move more into Cloud technologies and offering their customisation of the SharePoint elements.

As part of offering Office 365 Education, BFC can also implement identity solutions for Single Sign On, Microsoft Exchange Online management and communication with Microsoft Lync Online. For over 4 years BFC have completed work for individual schools and academies, academy groups and council with solutions deployed in over 3000 schools. If you just want some custom branding, one of our off the shelf product in the store or a fully customised solutions, get in touch and we can discuss any of your requirements.


It is important to get identity and authentication correct before moving to the cloud and having your user’s access anything in Office 365. The last thing you want is users not able to get to their email and lose confidence in the new system.

BFC Networks will implement AD Connect and ADFS allowing you to offer common sign on or single sign on to your local Active Directory depending on your requirements.

We also work with some great partners such as GroupCall and IAM Cloud as our solution work from any identity provider. Once you are in Office 365 and authenticated, our solutions work with any provider.

Ask us about our standard install and pricing for AD Connect and ADFS.

AzureAD GroupCall IAM-Cloud

Email Migration

Let us know your email migration requirements. With over 70,000 users migrated and 30 million items migrated we have migrate from Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013 as well as RM Easy Mail and Google mail.

With our successful high rate of migrations, moving to the Office 365 has become easier.

If you have Exchange 2010 or 2013, as use about our standard Hybrid install and pricing

OneDrive Configurator for Education

Accessing an individual’s Office 365 OneDrive for Business is a 22 click process and as more education establishments look to move their student data to Office 365 and take advantage of the 1TB offering, the need to access their data either for support or allowing teachers to see students work is ever important.

This SharePoint app allows you build the query of the users you want to access. Once the user lands on the required SharePoint page settings are set to build a directory for you to use to access the users OneDrive.

Feedback from our customers have told us that you may want to change the behaviour of all your users OneDrive for Business so we have added features such as delete the users Blog is it is created, delete the Shared with Everyone folder and set a theme. Provide us with your requirements so we can add these features.

For more information and price on this SharePoint App, Click Here


With over 3000 schools licensed to use SharePoint customisation, we offer a fully structured and customised SharePoint Online experience. With a specially design solution, we have changed how SharePoint looks you can add your own branding that matches the school but also looks the same size when accessing it from PC and tablet.

Our solution gives you a great start to using Office 365 in your school giving you a Staff, Students, Governors and Parents areas.

For many of our councils, we have customised our base solution to allow you to deliver BFC 365 to your schools through your teaching advisors. Ask us more about customising the template for your needs.

As part of our support we will look after upgrades and work with you to understand the new features added to Office 365 such as Office 365 Groups and Office 365 Videos.

To see more about BFC365, visit our dedicated website

Cloud Classroom

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