Get Microsoft Office for Free: Students and Teachers


So the title is correct – you can now get Microsoft Office for free if you are Student and Teacher.

Its known as friction free but how does it work and where do you go to get it?

The solution is part of Office 365 and even if your school doesn’t have it, you can still get Office for free by registering.

So to get it, if you are a student you need to go to and if you are a teacher go to

What do I get?

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Publish
  • One Drive for Business (1TB of Storage)
Its important to note that the school domain has some validation against your schools Microsoft licenses that checks your school is editable.


How to get Office 365

Its important to know your school email address as you will need to know this as part of the subscription process.  Go to the correct URL above for student or teacher.

Click on Find out if you’re eligible



Enter your school email address


The website will now do a check to see if your school already has Office 365.  If it does it will ask you to log in.  If you don’t, it will ask you to create a username and password.


Agree to the terms and conditions


and then…..

You can download Office 365 Pro Plus….


It says I’m not eligible!! 

Well its not all bad news but you need to get your school domain registered with Microsoft.  Once I have more information on this, I’ll post it here

Free Software…DreamSpark…Part 2


Back last year I did a post about how higher education students can get free software which included Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Studio.

I’m finding in my school there are more and more students who enjoy playing with software, finding out what it does and learning from it. Because of this I always seem to be challenging myself on how I can help these pupils and hope to be starting some after school clubs that will allow these pupils to learn more.

Well you can now get this for your high school students too.

Looking at the list, there is a great number of peices of software now, XNA Games Studio for one – imagine your pupils creating educational game as part of the ciricullum.

You need to register your school first through this link before students can download anything.

Click here to find out more

Does Microsoft Translator answer the question for Languages and E2L


The other day I had a feed come though on my RSS and Twitter from Mike Gannotti’s blog talking about Microsoft Translator.

This is a great new webpart/widget that you can add to your site which will change the text to one of 12 languages.


I’ve thought for a while now whether we should be taking advantage of the multi language opportunities in SharePoint for those who have English as a second language (E2L)?  SharePoint can help them deliver the information that they need/want in their native tongue but this can be a lot of work for the team who are in charge of E2L – translation of a page can take a lot of work.  In some schools they don’t have anyone in this position full time and when they do have time they normally are helping a pupil anyway.

I’ve submitted to give the translator a trial on my SharePoint farm.  I hope that this can help these pupils as they struggle to come to a new culture and for them to feel settled in at a new school in a new country.

When I’ve got access I’ll show a few examples in different languages.

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Free Microsoft Software for Students


Microsoft are giving away software to students for free.  This is great!  I'm so please that they have decided to set up a scheme that allows this.

Microsoft Dream Spark gives students access to Microsoft Windows Server, Visual Studio, Expressions Studio and XNA to help them become either IT Pros or Developers.

Your local authority or university have to join the scheme but after that you can apply to get it.

I think this is a great step to giving students free software.  Next step – feel licensing to all schools!

Sorry its a little off subject but education is my passion!