Does Microsoft Translator answer the question for Languages and E2L


The other day I had a feed come though on my RSS and Twitter from Mike Gannotti’s blog talking about Microsoft Translator.

This is a great new webpart/widget that you can add to your site which will change the text to one of 12 languages.


I’ve thought for a while now whether we should be taking advantage of the multi language opportunities in SharePoint for those who have English as a second language (E2L)?  SharePoint can help them deliver the information that they need/want in their native tongue but this can be a lot of work for the team who are in charge of E2L – translation of a page can take a lot of work.  In some schools they don’t have anyone in this position full time and when they do have time they normally are helping a pupil anyway.

I’ve submitted to give the translator a trial on my SharePoint farm.  I hope that this can help these pupils as they struggle to come to a new culture and for them to feel settled in at a new school in a new country.

When I’ve got access I’ll show a few examples in different languages.

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3 thoughts on “Does Microsoft Translator answer the question for Languages and E2L

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