My Notes from the SharePoint Best Practise Conference


So last week I was at the first European SharePoint Best Practise Conference in London. I made a few notes while I was there so I thought it was defiantly worth a post for you all.

  • Have the ratio of 5 Web Front Ends per 1 SQL Server
  • If you have user who use SharePoint – page hopping for more than 20 minutes at a time – you need to look at Kerberos authentication
  • 1 Domain Controller per 3 Web Front Ends – ensure they are in the same subnet mask as well
  • No more than 10 Web Applications per Farm
  • A good quota for uploading documents 50MB.
  • User RAID 10 for SQL Server – but yes it is expensive
  • Pre-grow your SQL data file to the maximum size you want it
  • Content DB size limitation – 100GB
  • 64bit – in case you hadn't heard – the next version of SharePoint is 64bit only
  • If you are patching your server – disconnect your ContentDB as it will save time on the patching. Almost save 3/4 of the time
  • defrag your ContentDBs
  • Ensure your farm is on at least Infrastructure update
  • No CNames

Of course this isn't all my notes – you would have to turn up to the next conference to get all those 😉

I was delighted to see so many people turn up to Andrew Woodward and mine session on SharePoint in Education – I reckon we had just over 100 in the room during the lunch time session.  Thanks to everyone who turned up and hopefully we will have more time for questions next time

Education Discussion Panel at SharePoint Best Practice Conference


Yesterday the lunchtime sessions were announced for the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference in London starting on the 6th April.

Andrew Woodward (Blog, Twitter) and myself will be having a panel discussion on SharePoint in Education.  Come and join the conversation and get involved as we talk all things SharePoint and Eductation.

If your not registered yet make sure you do and get yourself there for a great 3 days of none stop SharePoint.

What to spend your end of year budget on…


For many schools its that time of year where you find a bit of money in a budget and you have to spend it.  Instead of buying a few computers why not to try and get some professional development for yourself.

If you have or looking at getting SharePoint in the coming months there are 2 great conferences coming up.  One is local to the UK the other is in the US – maybe you can get them to push the boat out 😉

European SharePoint Best Practice Conference, 6th – 8th April, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

Best practice is always what we should be doing right?  But what is the best practice, it’s not always documented so how can you do it?

In the States there have already been 2 Best Practice conferences and its great that we are having one in the UK.

Even though you can sign up online there is a academic discount available by contacting who will be able to help you.

Microsoft SharePoint Conference, 19th – 22nd October, Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Centre, Las Vegas

This is Microsoft’s big SharePoint Conference.  Last year it was hosted in Seattle but its heading south into the desert and going to be a great 4 days.

On the website for the conference it states “SharePoint Conference 2009 will be the conference to learn about SharePoint 14” so make sure you are there to see the new version.

Hope to see you at both