Windows Server 2008 TSApps WebPart for SharePoint


Was looking through a few web pages and came across a document that will show you how to get the terminal server apps webpart for Windows 2008 into your SharePoint environment.

Problem is you have to have SharePoint on the same server as your TSapps on your Windows 2008 box.  Can't wait for someone to come up with the webpart to be on a remote SharePoint server.


SharePoint Learning Kit: Where is the best place for the My Assignment Web Part?


I’ve had a few people recently ask me where I would recommend putting the My Assignment Web Part?  With in the pupils My Site or somewhere else?

 SharePoint Learning Kit Where is the best place for the My Assignment Web Part

Well it depends on how you intend to use your site.

Personally – I have it within the pupils site where they can also see announcements, calendar, documents and other custom lists that are relevant to my pupils.  As for the staff – they are the same.  They can access all the information they need from the staff site including the My Assignment Web Part.  If your a pupil your IE home page takes you to the pupil site so they receive all the information straight away

I have been to schools recently that are using the My Site as their home page instead so pupils can access their My Documents and using RSS and Content Editor Filter to deliver the information from other areas with their SharePoint environment.

So where is best?  I don’t think there is a write or wrong answer – its all about your configuration, individual schools needs and training/awareness.  If you let your users know where its going to be – they will find it.

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Media Player Web Part: Updated


Steve Sofian posted on his blog about the Media Player Webpart for MOSS.

I went to install it on another web application earlier today and found his blog has gone.

Steve, if your reading this I hope you don’t mind me posting it again.  All the credit is yours.

This webpart allows you to play avi, mpg and wmv files with in your MOSS site.


Open the root folder of your site.  Default location is C:inetpubwwwroot.

If you don’t know your default root open IIS and right click on your website (default website), properties.  Click on the home directory tab and it will show you the location.

Always make a copy of a file before making changes to it

Open web.config in notepad

Find </SafeControls> within the text.

Above that text add the following.

<SafeControl Assembly="MediaPlayerWebPart, version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=4907dffeafb11512" Namespace="NFWebParts" TypeName="*" Safe="True" />

Save the file.

You will notice your site takes a while to load again.  If you edit web.config your site has to restart – which will happen automatically.

Copy mediaplayerwebpart.dll to the bin folder in the root of the your website.

On your top level site go to Site Settings. Under the heading of Gallery you will see Web Parts – When the list has appeared you will see all the webparts that are currently being used on your site.

Click on new – if you have added the code to web.config and the file to the bin folder you will see the web part listed at the bottom.  Check the box next to it and click on populate.  This will add the webpart call mediaplayerwebpart.

Download the file from here: /files/folders/ajp/entry3059.aspx

Things to watch out for

  • You have to enter the size of the video. I would recommend 320 width and 240 height – like the picture above.
  • Remember when creating the video that the user from home or within your LAN needs to be able to stream the video. If the video bites for second are high than their download speed they will have trouble streaming and watching it.