What is Microsoft Live Pivot?


In the next set of blog posts I’m going to demonstrate what Microsoft Live Pivot is, what it can do and how we can create a great looking Excel tracking sheet that we can use to evaluate how students are doing in a course through out the year.

What is Microsoft Live Pivot?

I first saw Microsoft Live Pivot in January 2010 with a great demonstration at the BETT show on the Microsoft stand.  It’s a great visual tools that takes data and converts it into a very powerful, interactive tool.

The tools takes mountains of data and turns it into an easy to read, filtering system so you can drill down into the data to find more relevant information.

In one of the examples that are available with Live Pivot you get Concept cars.  In total there are over 300 concept cars dating from 1899 all the way up to 2010.  Other filters available are sort by Manufacturer and body style, you also filter by Engine Displacement, Engine type and transmission.


Down the left hand side is your filter.  We have a few different types of filters as well

One is your normal check box and you can select which ones you want to filter by


In the example below I have checked E85 and it has left me with the 3 cars available.  I can now click on one of those cars and it will give me more information such as length and width that aren’t a filter type.

As you check the different boxes the body of the video starts to filter out the cars that are no longer relevant.


The other filter type is by selecting from a range of numbers.  In this example we have the production year of the concept car.

image image

As you move the green bars the main body changes to only show the cars from 1921 – 1957.

You can have a play with this yourself by going to http://www.getpivot.com.

Microsoft have a video that shows what I’m explaining so much better.

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