SharePoint Saturday UK, Birmingham. I’m Attending/Sponsoring Badges


I was delighted to see that the first UK SharePoint Saturday is in my home town of Birmingham.  I can’t wait for the day and look forward to seeing so many people there.

I’m actually really looking forward to speaking at the event.  I’ll keep quiet about what I’m speaking about for now but I’ve been spending a lot of time putting a project together and feel it’s only right to pass on my knowledge to all those attending.

When I asked the teams behind SharePoint Saturday I asked if there were any I’m speaking badges for the event and there aren’t.  With permission for Michael Lotter who is the founder of SharePoint Saturdays around the world we have come up with 3 and here they are for you to use on your blog site or your email signature.

You can register for the free event at

I'm Speaking at SPSUK

I'm Attending SPSUK

We're Sponsoring SPSUK

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