Education Presentation: Collobration and Networking in SharePoint



I’ve been asked to give a 5 – 10 minute presentation on the technologies I use in my school at Microsoft next month.

One thing I am keen on is networking with others to find out what they are doing, how I can help them and how they can help me to improve my SharePoint environment.

In the first 5 minutes i want to talk about the collobration between the 10 schools that are on my sharepoint and how they work together as steering groups and produce learning resources to share and save time.

In the other half i want to talk about how important it is for someone to network to improve their sharepoint environment, whether this is a teacher, pupil or sharepoint administrator.  I have found by doing this my sharepoint knowledge has grown, features have been added and have improved learning generally in my school.

I want to know your stories as part of my research for my presentation – do you do much networking, what sites do you use to help you – has it improved your sharepoint environment!


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