Google Drive vs Office Web Apps: Presentations


In this final post of this series we take a quick look at the differences between Google Drive and Office Web Apps, we are looking at Presentations.


The presentation is taken from Andrew Woodward’s @andrewwoody  session from the SharePoint Evolution conference in 2010 which has 1 slide that is heavily customised with animations.  We will take a look at how this runs in both versions and creating a new presentation as well.

Tests were preformed in Google Chrome on Windows 8, Google Drive and the Office Web Apps in SkyDrive Pro in Office 365.


Learning Gateway Conference Slide Desk–SharePoint 2010 and Social/MySites


During the Learning Gateway Conference I presented on how SharePoint 2010 can be used in Education and also on how SharePoint 2010 MySites can be used for students and teachers, increasing their collaboration.

The slides are now available to be viewed and also downloaded on slideshare.

Chat with SharePoint MVPs Today


Every few months the Microsoft SharePoint team arrange a online chat for you to ask questions to SharePoint MVPs.  Well, today is no exception.  Come and ask any kind of question you have about SharePoint 2007 or 2010, a technical issue you have or if you want to know something about the product.

Join us today at 5pm UK time.  Here is the link


SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference: Slides #SPEvo


Last week was great!  I was at the SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference in London hosted by Combined Knowledge.


There were a few issues before the conference had even started with a slight volcano playing its part to stop many of the speakers getting into the UK.  There were a lot of speakers who stood up, last minute and gave a someone elses session and talked about the subject even though they weren’t down to do it.  It only shows that these people really know their SharePoint.  They might want to talk about Multiple Languages in SharePoint 2010 but when they can stand up and give a brand new presentation on the User Profile Sync it’s just amazing.

It was also a great time to catch up with some friends and I also got to see the venue for the Learning Gateway Conference this year, that alone excited me.

I was there to talk about how SharePoint can be used to train staff who are in your organisation.  I talked about Moodle, SharePoint Learning Kit and also how we should be using acronyms and how difficult it can be if you are new to an organisation.

Here are my slides from that session.


I also did an extra session on the Microsoft Office Web Apps that are part of SharePoint 2010 and how documents render differently to Google Docs.  (Office Web Apps came out better).


Steve Smith did a great job to organise this conference and then reorganise it following so many speaker being unable to get into the country.  Congratulations to him and all that worked on the conference.

SUGUK: 101 Question before Implementing SharePoint in Education



Last night on the 18th March the SharePoint User Group held their first meeting in Leicester round the Education market space.  It was a great meeting with over 30 people attending asking many questions. 

Richard Willis also presented on SharePoint Learning Kit and the new features in the recent update to 1.4.  You can find more on Richard on his blog at and SharePoint Learning Kit can be downloaded here

I spent the hour asking 101 questions that will help you both to install SharePoint from an IT Pro all the way through to how would you gather information to upload for staff, pupil and parents to access.  We asked questions on day to day operations and on going training.

If you were up able to attend you can still see the question from the presentation slide that I have uploaded to SlideShare.

Speaking at SharePoint User Group: Education


Just a quick post to let everyone know I will be talking about SharePoint in Education at the next Midlands SharePoint User Group on 18th March 2010.

101 Questions before Implementing SharePoint into Education
Questions that can be asked both from a technical and end user adoption point of view. Have you got everything you need for your SharePoint or having trouble getting all your staff and students on board? Maybe its just one of these questions and answers, that you need for your own school that will drive you adoption through the roof.

Please register here

SharePoint 2010 @ #BETT2010


13th January was the first day of BETT ( and I’m here this year presenting on the uses of SharePoint 2010.

You can come and listen to my demo of SharePoint 2010 at 11:05 and 14:45 each day.

Over the next few blog posts I thought I would go through what we have looked at in my presentation.  Look out for the series soon and I hope you enjoy it.

For the time being here are a few photo of the bright orange stand.  If you are a twitter user you can follow at the twits with the hastag of #bett2010


Here are the pods showing SharePoint 2010, Office 2010 and Windows 7 touch and the photo below is the presentation stand.


Speaking at #BETT on SharePoint 2010


In January I have the great pleasure of speaking on the Microsoft stand about SharePoint 2010 at BETT 2010, 13th – 16th January 2010.

 image image

Many of you have heard that Microsoft have released a public beta of SharePoint 2010 which you can download from here

During this 20 minute session you’ll be able to see the SharePoint 2010 story for education, looking at how it can be used by both teacher in the classroom and students at home.

I look forward to speak to so many of you there.

My Top 5 User Adoption Tips, SUGUK, 10th September


Thanks to every who attended the SharePoint User Group in Nottingham on Thursday.  It was the first time I had done this talk so I hope you found it useful.

Here are few of the points that I talked about

Building a custom CSS or master page is a key part of your portal.  So end users can recognize that it is your portal.  The standard blue can be a bit boring as well and as IT Pro and Dev’s we can get a bit bored with the blue.

I recommended a blog post that would help in building your own CSS.  Click here to visit Heather Solomon’s blog with all the CSS references.

Another tip I showed was from again from Heather Solomon’s blog where you can activate multi drop down menu in your navigation.  Visit this page to find out how. 

I recommended surveys as an informal way of getting your users onto your site.  Think about ways you could get your users onto your site, RSS, images from the summer or Christmas party.  This will draw your users to your site and then they will start looking at what else they can do.

I’ve posted my slides on slideshare here

My Slides from Learning Gateway Conference


Thanks for all those who attended my session on SharePoint Governance for Education.  Remember there is no right and wrong – it all depends on your school.

Here are of the links I used throughout the day