SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference: Slides #SPEvo


Last week was great!  I was at the SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference in London hosted by Combined Knowledge.


There were a few issues before the conference had even started with a slight volcano playing its part to stop many of the speakers getting into the UK.  There were a lot of speakers who stood up, last minute and gave a someone elses session and talked about the subject even though they weren’t down to do it.  It only shows that these people really know their SharePoint.  They might want to talk about Multiple Languages in SharePoint 2010 but when they can stand up and give a brand new presentation on the User Profile Sync it’s just amazing.

It was also a great time to catch up with some friends and I also got to see the venue for the Learning Gateway Conference this year, that alone excited me.

I was there to talk about how SharePoint can be used to train staff who are in your organisation.  I talked about Moodle, SharePoint Learning Kit and also how we should be using acronyms and how difficult it can be if you are new to an organisation.

Here are my slides from that session.


I also did an extra session on the Microsoft Office Web Apps that are part of SharePoint 2010 and how documents render differently to Google Docs.  (Office Web Apps came out better).


Steve Smith did a great job to organise this conference and then reorganise it following so many speaker being unable to get into the country.  Congratulations to him and all that worked on the conference.

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