My Top 5 User Adoption Tips, SUGUK, 10th September


Thanks to every who attended the SharePoint User Group in Nottingham on Thursday.  It was the first time I had done this talk so I hope you found it useful.

Here are few of the points that I talked about

Building a custom CSS or master page is a key part of your portal.  So end users can recognize that it is your portal.  The standard blue can be a bit boring as well and as IT Pro and Dev’s we can get a bit bored with the blue.

I recommended a blog post that would help in building your own CSS.  Click here to visit Heather Solomon’s blog with all the CSS references.

Another tip I showed was from again from Heather Solomon’s blog where you can activate multi drop down menu in your navigation.  Visit this page to find out how. 

I recommended surveys as an informal way of getting your users onto your site.  Think about ways you could get your users onto your site, RSS, images from the summer or Christmas party.  This will draw your users to your site and then they will start looking at what else they can do.

I’ve posted my slides on slideshare here

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