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I recently spoke at an event about engaging users in your Learning Gateway with the right content in the right areas.

You have content everywhere.  Don’t think that content is just a Word document or SCORM files you have brought from a content supplier.  Content is everywhere, it changes everyday, the school newsletter, the latest year 10 football team win or the gossip around the staff room, your MIS system.

Below is a table I showed in a recent presentation and how you can list all your content. 

Down the side of the table you list all the content from around the school while at the top you list the areas of where you can present this information.


If we evaluate this we can now see where we can put that content both within the Learning Gateway and external sources such as the school website, Twitter and Facebook.


From the table above we can now see where we can advertise that the school football team beat the local rival school, and of course you want to share that will the outside world.

Looking at it from another angle, when you have filled in this table you can see what content needs to be on your website and the different areas of the Learning Gateway.


The 10 examples of content above are very few that you could have.  Each teaching department could fill something like this in and get at least 20 different ideas of what content to deliver and where.

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